Proyecto de planta de energia

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4th Bimester Science Project
Electricity Deal
You have just won the lottery and you want to invest in an electric power station. To do this you must first find out about them and sell your idea to the investors!
Objective: Enhance research skills and develop further presentation skills by showing PowerPoint presentation, as well as create a model of a POWER PLANT .
 How does it work? Draw a diagram with all its parts labels, and what each part does.
 Which natural resource is being used?
 Where will you build your power plant? Which state and region is better? (in MEXICO)
 Is there a plant/power station like that in Mexico already?
 Why is it better than the other ones?
 Investigate about successful power stations of the sametype around the world.
 Give your power station a name!
 Find out how many people will work at your power station. This means you are creating jobs.
 Sell your Idea!
PRODUCTS!!! (you will have from 5-7 minutes to present it.
 Powerpoint Presentation (worth 25%)
o At least 7 slides
o Use pictures and a personal design
o Include summaries and important parts of yourinvestigation.
o Big font so we can all read it.
o Add a Reference Slide with books, magazines, news articles, and web pages.
o Most important of all SELL YOUR IDEA!!!

 Model (worth 25%)
o A model with all the parts of your power station.
o Cleanliness and creativity counts
o On half a “papel cascarón”

 Three-fold (worth 25%)
o Include all the information that will help you sellthe “IDEA”!
The types of POWER STATIONS!!!
1. Nuclear Power Station
2. Geothermal Power Station
3. Biomass-fuel Power Station
4. Solar Thermal Power Station or Solar Photovoltaic Power Station
5. Hydroelectric Power Station
6. Wind Power Station
7. Fossil Fuel Power Station using Coal
8. Fossil Fuel Power Station using Natural Gas
9. Fossil Fuel Power Station using Oil
Type of PowerStation Group A Group B Group C
1.Nuclear Power Station
Jimena /Pablo Salas Ma. Fernanda/ Esteban Daniela P/ Roberto
2. Geothermal Power Station
Alejandra / Antonio Isabella / Eduardo Nicole / Juan Pablo
3. Biomass-fuel Power Station
María G / Pablo Z Gabriela / Fernando Daniela D/ Raquel
4. Solar Thermal or Solar Photovoltaic Power Station
Paola / Patricio Jennifer / MichelJosefina/ Rodrigo G
5. Hydroelectric Power Station
Hanna / Santiago Julian Lorenza / Emiliano Ma Fernanda / José Horacio
6. Wind Power Station
Santiago GV/ Miguel Sabrina / Bernardo Alfonso
7. Fossil Fuel Power Station using “Coal”
Juan / Carlos Ricardo / Iker Diego S/ Pablo O
8. Fossil Fuel Power Station using “Natural Gas”
Lorena / Mauricio Giovanna / Diego Morán Ma José V/ Saúl Villa9. Fossil Fuel Power Station using “Oil” Paulina / Andrés A Daniel Mañon/ Javier Giulia / Rodrigo A
Solar Photovoltaic Power Station
Amarell / Daniel Ormachea
Project Timeline
Title of Project:_______________ Members:_________________________
General Timeline
Task By when? Task By when?
1 Gather the general info Monday March 28 4Summarize info. For Powerpoint pres and three-fold Monday April 4
2 Gather info for your power station Tuesday March 29 5 Have Presentation ready Tuesday April 5
3 Draw diagram of your Power station Wednesday
March 30 6 Have three-fold ready. Wed. April 6
4 Have Model done Monday April 4 7 Present all! Thursday April 7

Task Where? By when? Who is in charge? CommentsEvaluation:
Information: _____ / 25 Model: _____ /25 Total: _____/ 100
Presentation: _____ / 25 Three-fold: ______ /25 Project points: ______ /20

PowerPoint Presentation Rubric

Title of Presentation: _________________________________________ Group: 6th ____
Students’ Names:...
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