Proyecto de vegetales

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Student’s Name: _Luis Estefan Castillo Perez ___________________

Vocabulary Build-up Unit ___uno___
Word Pronunciation Spanish Englsih Example My Example Picture that relates tothe word
1.hello He lo he Un saludo Expression They welcomed us with a warm hello Hello, nice to met you kam-rə, ˈka-mər-ə Un aparato eléctrico que toma fotografías device that consistsof a lightproof chamber with an aperture fitted with a lens and a shutter through which the image of an object is projected onto a surface for recording (as on film) or for translation into electricalimpulses (as for television broadcast looked relaxed on camera Excusme, it´s my camera?

3. what hwät, ˈhwət, ˈwät, ˈwət\ Expresión para preguntar ¿ qué? used as an interrogative expressinginquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object or matter what does he earn What the matter ?
4.where hwer, ˈwer, (ˌ)(h)wər Para preguntar ¿Dónde? at, in, or to what situation, position,direction, circumstances, or respect where is the house Where you from?
5.have ˈhaf Se ocupa para decir tengo o tienes o que posees algo to hold or maintain as a possession, privilege, or entitlementthey have a new car I have pet
6.nice nīs Adjetivo para decir bonito showing fastidious or finicky tastes not a nice word for a formal occasion I Have Very nice day nām Nombre de las cosaso personas a word or phrase that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person or thing The ship's name was “Titanic My name is luis brə-thər Hermano a male who has the sameparents as another or one parent in common with another the brothers in a monastery My brother live in suburbios ˈär-inj, ˈär(-ə)nj naranja a globose berry with a yellowish to reddish-orangerind and a sweet edible pulp The car is orange My choes is orange
10. letter le-tər carta a symbol usually written or printed representing a speech sound and constituting a unit of an alphabet...
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