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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2011
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Watt-lite Project
This project is a part of the project Industrywise, this bigger project is a cooperation between Interactive Institute, Eskistuna Energi och Miljö and Eskilstuna Kommum. Thisproject aims mentalizing the industries on their spending energy. Watt-lite Project wants to represent this spending using lights that represent the energy that is used by the company in real-time. Theauthors of Watt-lite were Loove Broms and Li Jönsson ( in the project web page they appers for more informations, don’t appears a direct name of the project author’s ). Here, we can see this three lightswho represents the energy spending.

The three flashlights have the exterior shape of an over dimensioned torch. To carry out this function, Watt-lite have three flashlights, one black and twolight grey. The size of the light beam projected from the torches indicates the company's electricity consumption and expands and contracts depending on the electricity usage at the industry. The twoflashlights that are light grey color, indicate the highest and smaller electricity consumtion during all the day. To identificate each one, the light have a diferent colour. If you want to see thehighest amount, you have a orange light, and then, if you want to identify what is the smallest electrivity consumption during the day you can see a blue light. On the other hand, flashlight in black is areal-time electricity meter. Depending the light beam size you can know if your electricity consumption is low or is high. If the light beam is small, the electricity consumption at the industry islow, if the light beam is large the electricity consumption is high.

Here is the project’s URL: (for Watt-lite) Here is the URL for the bigger project: We can classificate it in Aspects and Forms of Visualization - Augmentation Roc Itxart Alba Roc Itxart Alba is studying third year of Computer Science in Universitat Pompeu...
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