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Make $$$ / month using ORKUT
730$ in 1 month | Just 30 min work daily
This is a method which will help you to earn quick $$$ with no investment and less efforts. Firstly, let me make it clear thatthis is a “blackhat” method. Let me start with the proof. BLACKHAT! Step1: Paste this link in browser Navigate to Affiliates >> Affiliate signup In preferred program, select Option 1. Click-Thru Once signed up you will get a gXXXXXX id. Thisis your affiliate id that will be used everywhere hence forth. Fill all mandatory fields. URL: if you have one.

Step 2: Make 4-5 gmail ids. For each gmail id setup an orkut account. Use gmail idname in such a way that it attracts adult traffic. E.g. For orkut profiles, do not add a picture with anybody’s face (be safe). Use only body picture.

Step 3: Write a verysexy profile description. E.g. Hi, Its natural that some have more sex fantasies than others. I fall in the former, and I' not one to be blamed. m Let me be clear at the first note that I' here to findsomeone who m can be my good friend and have real fun with me. I' new in so and so place, working in so and so. m (So and so place = city; preferably metro) If interested plz email me | make the email bold by using [b] [/b] tags I would revert back with link to my pics and contact no.

DO NOT SCRAP please. I would prefer email. Step 4: Join a few adult communitiesthat are related to sex in the so and so place your id belongs to. Post threads seeking for sex partner. Thread tile example name: 22 Female seeking handsome guy for fun Step 5: Setup a vacation autoreply to the gmail id. To do this login to GMail, go to settings. At the bottom there is a field for Vacation responder. Click the radio button to choose Vacation responder on. Enter a reply that...
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