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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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the extinction of animals and endangered species of animals is a problem we must solve in order to maintain the species for future generations. Wildlife is a clear example of the close relationshipbetween each of the components of an ecosystem, because the elimination of any kind just causing the imbalance of ecosystems. So we need to care for and respect our planet and all its inhabitants.Worldwide, over 500 species that are endangered.
Some reasons are: hunting for sport, commercial hunting, habitat destruction, animals for zoos, etc..
Global warming and human damage on habitat arecited as central causes of the problem. As a result many species are in virtual extinction has been implemented to prevent the ban to hunt and fish in a particular time of year, as well as the creationof parks and nature reserves,
They are unique species. If lost there is nothing similar to them on the planet. This would be something like the art world losing the Mona Lisa they are simplyirreplaceable.
The preservation of ecosystems is the only way to avoid adversely affecting the environment, with each species disappears our planet and ourselves were left helpless, with fewer resources.The aim is to ensure that within the next five years will take conservation measures for the 100 species
The Great Black Market Species:
Currently, the illegal wildlife trafficking more than 4,000million dollars a year
Primates: More than fifty million primates are taken annually and used in research laboratories or as pets.
Elephants: Some one hundred and fifty thousand tusks of elephantsare depleted to produce handicrafts and decorative.
Reptiles: Ten million reptile skins are for the manufacture of bags, shoes and other luxury products. Some of the reptiles end up in terrariums asexotic pets
Birds: Five million birds are captured bound to the halls of houses in developed countries, luxury restaurants and private collectors.
Felines: About fifteen million hides each year...
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