Proyecto hidrato de aluminio

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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2012
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Aluminum Hydrate Project[pic]AN Monomer Re-Sale

Project Lead: Arlene Pertzel
Key Stakeholders: Alejandro BallesterosFrank Boka, Mauro Trevisani
Team Members: Gloria Merchant, Wilfrido Olguin, Rogelio Gomez, Gabriela Lopez-Fuentes

NAR Support: Ted Scheafer
LAR Support: Juan José Valdés


• Develop a Third Party Supplier that could produce a pre-finish raw material(Aluminum Hydrate)risk/reward analysis to help the business determine if it wants to sell Acrylonitrile into the Mexican market. If business chooses to move forward:
o Develop a semi finish product according to our actual Sensient Specifications
o Develop a distribution path network for AN Re-sale in México that meets all our EHSthat complies with our, Legal, and InternalPolicies, Liabilities, Security needs and requirements.
o To obtain a target cost less than 3.00 usd per kilogram FOB Plant.profitable income from the product resale that will benefit the AFC business and meet the Mexican Market expectations.

• Develop a local or foreign supplier that could match our specifications regarding the pre-finish raw material Hydrate Aluminum ANproduct coming from Cytec facilities located in Louisiana
• ProductCustomers located in: Tlalnepantla Edo. México (Negociacion Alvi)
• D delivery at Sensient Lerma Plant at a Landed Price less than 3.00 usd/kgCustomer facilities in their tank
• Selection of acceptable service providers to get high level service with competitive freight rates and EHS requirements
• Evaluatecustomer tank and facilities, review emergency response program and EHS containers; explore the possibility to have a dedicated tank at the plant.
• Evaluate Final cost (Freight costsif it is a foreign supplier include, importation c/export coost)s, re-sale price
• Analysis will include: Product development, routCoste determination, package, storage, routeschedule, ongoing route verification and emergency response team.and logistics.
• Manufacturing capability and capacity will be treated as fixed
• Develop a Sales plan to attend the customers related with monomer re-sale.

• Proposed supply chain must have the flexibility to handle volume changes up or down
• Network must handle business cycles and seasonality
•Transportation, Equipment, and facilities and related processes need to meet all EHS requirements to handle monomers and dangerous goods storage, etc.
• Must include specific critical parameters customer requirements and contract/service level agreethat are actual used at the plantments.
• Secrecy Agreement in place
• Legal and Liabilities perfectly established in contract.
•SuppliersWe need to challenge the business to develop this project that could give us a good income.
• Service providers must be competent to handle and deliver a monthlyAN an demandd mee and meett o ouur service expectations
• All potential supplierscustomers will be carefully screened to ensure thatey se they will manufacture thell or use this product in applications consistent withSensientRandH product stewardship guidelines


• Implementation plan and timetable
• Evaluation of test to meet our specifications
• the total cost to serve the customer
• Risk assessment from EHS
• Financial assessment
• Model to test different “what-if” scenarios such as volume shifts, contamination issues, emergency responses, freight and rawmaterials cost changes, liabilities…. Will you really model emergency response and liability, or will it be a part of the overall risk/reward decision regarding this opportunity?
• Proposed route and emergency response team in case of an emergency during the shipment and at customer facilities.
• Confirmation of the market rates regarding transportation
• Confirmation of AN Mexican...
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