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Favor leer y desarrollar los siguientes ejercicios, esta actividad equivale al 20% de la nota del curso.

Countable / Uncountable Nouns

1. Countable Nouns
All nouns are countable or uncountable. Countable nouns have the following properties.
- They can be counted, for example 1 apple, 2 apples, ...etc.
- They can be made plural.
- They can take the indefinate articlea/an.

2. Uncountable Nouns

Uncountable nouns have the following properties.
- They usually can't be counted, for example 1 money, 2 money, ...etc.
- They usually can't be made plural.
- They usually don't take the indefinate article a/an.

Some is often used for plural nouns. For example:
- I have some apples.
- I have some food.
This is covered later in more detail.Here are some common countable and uncountable nouns.
|Countable |Uncountable |
|apple |time |
|tree |rice|
|person |beef |
|dog |money |
|kilo |information|
|liter |help |

Countable nouns often refer to individual things, and physical things. For example: a person, a tree, a kilo.
Uncountable nouns often refer to non-individual things, and abstract things. For example rice is not an individualthing, it's seen as group of hundreds of small grains. Love and sadness are abstract, not physical things.

3. Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Some nouns can be countable and uncountable, depending on how they are used. For example:
- Countable : A glass of milk. Here glass refers to one container made of glass.
- Uncountable: You can see through glass. Here glass doesn't refer to onething, it refers to glass as a substance.
- Countable: He has many papers. Here papers refers to some of individual documents.
- Uncountable: Paper is made from wood. Here paper is not an individual thing, but a general substance.
Grammar Exercises
Write "c" if the noun is countable, "uc" if the noun is uncountable.
Example: tomato – c

1. tree [pic]
2. money [pic]
3. rice [pic]4. water [pic]
5. cup [pic]
6. friend [pic]
7. school [pic]
8. love [pic]
9. table [pic]
10. time [pic]

Complete the sentences. Use much, many, a lot of or lots.
Example: lot of apples a they eat - They eat a lot of apples.
1. much rice how want do you? How do you want much rice?
2.many sandwiches want you do how? How do you want many sandwiches [pic]
3. pizzaa lot people of like a lot of people like pizza [pic]
4. you have much don't time You don´t have much time [pic]
5. a lot of nice clothes has she She has a lot of nice clothes [pic]
6. John a lot of things has his bag in John has in his bag a lot of things [pic]
7. tea much don't I drink I don´t drink much tea [pic]
8. much homework how do have you? How do you havemuch homework? [pic]
9. sleep babies lot a lot a babies sleep
10. writes a lot letters of Lisa Lisa writes a lot of letters [pic]

Quantifiers: A Few / A Little

1. Quantifiers - Few / Little / A Few / A Little
Theses quantifiers are used to show a small quantity of something, for example "I have a few books" means I have a small quantity of books.
A Few
A few is...