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This work is done with the intention to deepen and perfect the basic elements like (personal presentation, greetings, time, places, and colors) in English, taking into account theguidance given by the teacher.

Creating a friendly and understandable to us and the other people, inscript format, so that its realization is most striking and exposure


• to improveour English communication
• to lean new vocabulary
• giving and asking for personal information
• identify different places


NARRATOR: Marisol is walking for the shoppingcenter, suddenly she meets with friend Eliana.

MARISOL: hello Eliana. How are you?
ELIANA: fine thank, and you?
MARISOL: pretty good my friend. Ohm… who is she?
ELIANA: I am sorry, she is mycousin. Marisol this is Yenifer. Yenifer this is Marisol.
YENIFER: nice to meet you Marisol.
MARISOL: nice to meet you too Yenifer. Ohm… what do you do?
YENIFER: i am studying…medicine
ELIANA:Marisol, Yenifer go to drink coffee
NARRATOR: They came to the cafeteria and continued dialogue

ELIANA: where do you live?”
MARISOL: I live in Bosa and you”
ELIANA: welive in Kennedy
ELIANA: what is your phone number?

MARISOL: My phone number is seven eighty three ten zero three

NARRATOR: Eliana Marisol call to agree to the observations

NARRATOR: Eliana,Marisol and Yenifer were found at six o'clock am at the airport, arriving at Cartagena to eight-thirty am.

YENIFER: We stayed at the hotel caribou


CLERK: goodmorning, welcome to the hotel caribou in association that I can.

MARISOL: good morning, Miss, we have a reservation on behalf of Marisol Guzman

CLERK: Allow one second verify, if Miss Rooms arethe number five hundred and eight, five hundred nine and five hundred and ten

NARRATOR: The three girls were held in their rooms, and around half past one p.m. lunch after that went shopping...
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