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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Personal Presentation

Catalina Torres Flórez
My name is Catalina Torres Flórez. I am the manager of MAXI CARDS company. I studied marketing and business in Harvard University. I lived in USA forseven years. During that time, I studied and worked in a very important company called Mc Donalds. I worked as shopkeeper a few years. Then I was named marketing assitant, it was a very niceexperience because I learnt too much. When I returned to our country I boked for a ob but they weren’t interesenting enough. So I decided to create my own company. As I leant to speak english very well Iwanted to teach what I knew, so I got the idea. O making some material to study english in an easy way. For this reason we company MAXI CARDS makes “flash cards” to help people to learn english by havingfun.

Company Presentation

MAXI CARDS “The best way to learn english in an easy way and ecological”
MAXI CARDS is a company working for help people to learn english. We themed boxes whichcontain Flash cards about school, family, animals, etc, which can help you to learn useful vocabulary in the english learning process. This materila can be used to spell the words, memorize them and alsotop lay if you want.


Our company was born as a result of an analysis which shows that many people need to learn english in order to get a better job, increase their know ledge,travel around the Word or just to comunicate in a different language. When, we started creating the company we realized that the people needed to learn a lot of vocabulary required for our english clasesat school. So, we decided to make flash cards handmade, lamínate and packed in themed boxes. This product will allow people to acquire and learn some vocabulary they must know.


1. Toadquire useful vocabulary to learn english.
2. To help peolple to learn english in an easy and a funny way.
3. To keep the enviroment by using recycled peaper.
4. To create didactic material...
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