Proyecto intermedio ii

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Ejercicios: Passive Voice (Voz Pasiva)
Para que comiences a ejercitar lo aprendido sobre Voz Pasiva te proponemos que pases siguientes frases activas teniendo encuenta de utilizar correctamente los tiempos verbales:

1. Tommy will know Machu Picchu ruins in Peru. 2. My boss sent me detailed instructions. 3. Sam's friend solved theproblem. 4. The workers will complete the new road in the next year. 5. Paul is going to repair the car. 6. My brother forgot his wallet at the bank. 7. My sister will send a letter to my mother.8. The little girl is drawing her pet. 9. She dropped her bag in the train. 10. My brother takes his medicine every day. |

1. Machu Picchu ruins in Peru will be known by Tommy.
2.Detailed instructions were sent to me by my boss.
3. The problem was solved by Sam´s friend.
4. The new road will be completed in the next year by the workers.
5. The car is going to be repairedby Paul.
6. The wallet was forgotten at the bank by my brother.
7. A letter will be sent to my mother by my sister.
8. The pet is being drawn by the little girl.
9. The bag wasdropped in the train by her.
10. The medicine is taken every day by my brother.

Escríbe el tiempo verbal correcto en las siguientes frases: |
1. John to Mary now(talk)
2. I television every night. (watch)
3. The children usually to bed at nine o'clock. (go)
4. a book at the moment?. (Richard read)
5. They to the theatre very often. (not go)
6. I at themoment. (not study)
7. I English, although I at the moment. (not speak) / (study)
8. I in Valencia, though I in Madrid at the moment. (live) / (stay)
9. I in a hotel at the moment, although I my ownapartment. (stay) / (have)
10. She from Chile, though she in New York just now. (come) / (live) |

Choose can’t or must. Follow the example.
Elige can’t o must. Sigue el ejemplo....
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