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NAME: Andrés ENGLISH GROUP Intermediate II

This is a very easy reading comprehension project. Read carefully the texts and select the mostappropriate job for every person

Read the following job advertisements:

1. Needed: Full time secretary position available. Applicants should have at least 2 years experience and be able to type 60words a minute. No computer skills required. Apply in person at United Business Ltd., 17 Browning Street.

2. Are you looking for a part time job? We require 3 part time shop assistants to workduring the evening. No experience required, applicants should between 18 and 26. Call 366 - 76564 for more information.

3. Computer trained secretaries: Do you have experience working with computers?Would you like a full time position working in an exciting new company? If your answer is yes, give us a call at 565-987-7832.

4. Teacher Needed: Tommy's Kindergarten needs 2 teacher/trainers tohelp with classes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Applicants should have appropriate licenses. For more information visit Tommy's Kindergarten in Leicester Square No. 56.

5. Part Time work available: We arelooking for retired adults who would like to work part time at the weekend. Responsibilities include answering the telephone and giving customer's information. For more information contact us by calling897-980-7654.

6. University positions open: The University of Cumberland is looking for 4 teaching assistants to help with homework correction. Applicants should have a degree in one of thefollowing: Political Science, Religion, Economics or History. Please contact the University of Cumberland for more information.

A. Comprehension Questions (10 points each)

Which position is best forthese people? Choose ONLY ONE position for each person.

• Jane Madison. Jane recently retired and is looking for a part time position. She would like to work with people and enjoys public relation...
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