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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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OThe Drunken Ghoul

In the lonely road in my way back home
It was very late, and I feel so cold
The tricks, started in my mindI can’t remember all the details, but I cross the street
And I began to fade, and then I felt his hand

I turn around, and Ican’t believe my eyes
There was a ghoul, with a bottle of vodka and wine
I just thought “he wants to kill me now” oh no!
Hiscreepy hand, gave me a glass, I drink and all my world explodes


Partying, drinking, happily
This drunken ghoul, attackme that night!!
Given me, a lot of booze and beers
This drunken ghoul, attack me that night

The next I saw, was a spooky barOnce we get in, the zombie waitress just asks:
“Tell me, the same thing of all nights?”

He bring to us, two big skulls of beerWe drink all night, and I lost my fear
But then everything went black

Open my eyes, I hear the goblins cry!
Calling allcorpses, the feast will be began
The drunken ghoul, was sitting on my side oh no!
He starts to laugh; he gave me five, and throws me tothe corpse’s hole


Let’s drink, attack!!

When I wake up, I was in my home
I saw my face, with scars and withblood
I can’t remember all of that day oh no!
But the drunken ghoul, leave this note
“Beware, I’ll come again for you!! “

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