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The municipality of Rio Grande is located north of the state capital. Its territorial extension of 757.47 sq. km is at an altitude above sea level of 2123m. The limits so with the stateof Durango, Francisco R. Murguia, Felipe Pescador.

The highest temperature is 34 ° C and -4 ° C lower, but predominantly strong winds.
The flora of Rio Grande is made up ofmesquite, maguey, acacias, membrillo trees, figs, pomegranates and many cactus.

The fauna of Rio Grande is made up of wild boars, hares, coyotes, snakes, snakes, gophers, rats, wild cats, smallhawks, foxes, squirrels and sometimes scorpions.

Rio Grande is a city rich in traditions. The most important are the Carnival Fair (February-March), Feast of St. Helena (August), Day ofthe Dead (November), the Virgin of Guadalupe (December), Nov. 20 parade.

Alfonso Medina, Don Marcelo Herrera, Don Luis Cerrillo Cazares, Salvador Gomez Molina, Doctor GilbertoDelgadillo, Doctor Hector Castrejon.

Lola la Mocha, Emeterio Castañeda, Chino Botes, Don Luis Cerrillo Cazares, Martimiano Aguilar, Perro Camilo.

Main square, PlazaCivica, Santa Veracruz Church, Church of Santa Elena, Shrine of Virgen of Guadalupe, Shrine of El Cerrito, Fitness Municipal Historical Museum, Alameda Park, City Hall, The Eye of Almoloya and Well SanFelipe.

Semitic-bread made from wheat, sugar and cinnamon.
Empanadas- similar to Semitic but with jam and chilacayote.
Fat furnace- made dough and stuffed with cheese, rajas,beans and chicharron.
Wedding roasted- meat made with red chile and many species.
Grain porridge- hot drink made with milk, sugar, wheat, cinnamon and fruit.
Tamales- made from the corn leaves andstuffed with red pepper slices, cheese, chicken and sweet.
Water drinking maguey honey- extracted from the maguey plant.
Relic- pork in red chile, several soups, beans, this is done as a tribute to...
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