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  • Publicado : 3 de agosto de 2010
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|Nombre: Yadira A. Longoria Ochoa |Matrícula: 2524861 |
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|Inglés XI |Adriana Bernardino Mosqueda ||Módulo IV |Actividad: |
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|The Accountant’s story|

The Accountant’s story

The book is about how the Medellín Cartel started to operate not only in Colombia but in U. S. A. and Europe.Roberto Escobar, brother of Pablo Escobar, began telling about their childhood together and how his brother wanted to be millionaire and got out of poverty. The lived a life in which violence in Colombiawas very common and that’s why I realized they, mainly Pablo, thought that the only way to be successful and help poor people was not trusting in the government and doing his own business.Throughout time Pablo got involved into illegal business, first with contraband while his brother Roberto was trying to run a bicycle company. Then Pablo discovered cocaine and began whit his drug business.Pablo was always smart to smuggle with cocaine. He had too many ways to introduce cocaine into other countries. The most important one was by airplane. He also had important contacts in the...
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