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Following the case study of the Metro Davidson Country prepare: a tentative efficient information system for the Universidad Estatal de Guayaquil which includes:
1) Purpose of the information system project.
Before to implement a information system, it’s important analyze that the people that studied into the university has different necessities and is priorityunderstanding how the system is going to manage the information since of oneself way in the different faculties.
By means of oral surveys, it highlights that the majority of the students work, a certain percentual degree has different activities as: studied in additional institutes, lived out of the city, (provinces), family mothers, housewives, people that work with revolving (rotational) scheduleand more…

Question was: Are you agree that the university create a webpage when the students can do all their transactions?
Positive answer: 80%. (Are agree with the idea and believe that is an efficient way and more beneficial for the students))
Negative answer: 20% (Don`t are agree, this percentage represents the people that not know how use the computer or internet.

For that reasonit’s important to created a system that allow to do all kind of transactions since a computer with the facility of an webpage when the students are the beneficiaries.

At this correspond to created a website when the students could to register at the semester, the inscription at the modules of computation and foreign language, letters at the directors of careers for the different issues,re-calification, seminary inscription, PRE (winter and summer), number of course; check notes, schedules (quiz and/or test) and species; with the options of to choose what kind of transactions printed pay in the bank, which the university has a receivable bill (BANCO PACIFICO) and the bank send it report of payment and follow the normal process of legalization.

2) Benefits for the universitylinked to the development of an information system project (goals and objective).
* The implementation of the information system is to benefit only at the students. (saving time)
* The webpage has the easiness of to enter with the personal ID this it doesn`t have numeric repetitions.
* It allowed at the people that studied in the university to accede by means the speediness ofobtain the documents (papers) for the different transactions.
* Reduce the use of paper supplier and save time and unnecessary money.
* Give advantage at the people that work, whom lived in provinces and people with different activities that doesn`t count with enough time to come to the university in the morning to carry out the process.
* Check all type of information since schedulesand paperwork.
* The purpose of the project is to communicate all the faculties in oneself point that would be a central server.
* Central server will be connected in the mathematics faculty, here we can engaged someone that being Engineers system, because the people how studied this carreer understanding and know how to create a webpage and the different system for to storagethe information.
* For this Project it could to use the ORACLE – supplier system- (is only an option); like system of data storage for the secretary of each faculty. (When the students legalize their papers).
* Avoid the huge queue and the delays in the system.

* The time to implement the system of information of the project requires of one-half year to carry out thedifferent analysis and bring up to date (actualization) of it page.
* The analyst system have the responsibilities of complete the tasks as: check the fail and delay at the system.
* Submit at the university to a technological change that improve and helps to growth and benefit.
* The main objective is the efficiency. Provide at the students a new system that is able of to satisfy the...
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