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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2011
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Do you think that the social networks have acquired an important role in our society nowadays?
You could say that Social Networks are forms of social interaction, which is defined as a dynamicexchange between individuals, groups and institutions within a context of complexity. It is an open system that involves building permanent sets - groups that are identified in the same needs and problemsand organize to potentiate their resources.

We are in a society fragmented into isolated minorities, discrimination, which has devitalized their relational networks, with citizens lacking role intransforming processes, condemns a restricted democracy. The network intervention is an attempt reflective and organizer of these interactions and exchanges, where the subject is based ondifferentiating itself from others. "

Taking the example of a network group and what happens to receive a more subjective level on the Internet, at least in those dedicated to fostering emotional contacts, newnetworks such as matchmaking, friendship or shared interests nonprofit. We can see that becoming more and more followers or fans say otherwise.

In online social networks have the ability tointeract with others but do not know, the system is open and obvious is constructed so that every subscriber to the network provides, taking clear that we who believe they decide whether or not weread!!!!!!!!!!!
Intervene in a social network has begun to find others there who share our interests, concerns or needs, but more than that would not happen, and that very much because it breaks the isolationthat often afflict the vast majority of people, (loneliness) or which tends to manifest itself in withdrawal and other social times over (contacts or email addresses) without emotions involved.
Is itimportant? Yes or No?

Leaving it clear is a system of escape from loneliness and frustration.
Only with these incomplete thoughts on the benefits and providing psychosocial relief all these...
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