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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Book Report

This book report is for the assignment of Literature Class and my instructor is Ms. Marcela Fuentes. This book I read itsname is “How to get rich, Think like a billionare by Donald Trump,. It has 500 pages but it has two books in one.

Trump is the number one New York Times best selling author , in 2000 he received hisgreatest honor, Real Estate Visionary of the Centrury award., given by the UJA federation. It was originally published in two separate volumes in 2004 it was published and printed in United States. InNew York City, the Trump signature is synonymous with the most prestigious addresses and his name is known all around the world.

I choose this book because I loved the name its like everyone’sdream and algo just so see the name of the author you need to read it, there’s no man as him he has big ideas, big money, big bouldings, his reputation is as one-of-a-kind in America. It called myattention that at the beggining it tells you the reasons why you should read this book.

In this book Trump mention all the people that made possible how to have a great business and to keep it that way,like his assistant Norma Foerderer that has been with Trump for 20 years and she’s smart, gracious. Also he mentioned Helen Rakotz has worked for him from the day Trump moved to Manhattan and she’s 82years.

This are somo of the advicements Trump wrote in this book:
1. Stay Focused
Here it tells you how he lost focus and owed billions upon billionaires of dollars 9.2 billion, and how hereturned to the business and handle everything.
2. Know yourself and your competition
Making sure not to get lift up into the clouds, and looking hard at the facts on the ground.
3. Ideasare welcome, but Make sure you have the right one
In this advicement is learning to recognize the assertive, and not interrumping a warm welcome, but not giving up maybe its just might be not...