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It is a chronic poisoning, that for several years has been recognized like a problem of public health because the associated damages to the health to the consumption of the tobacco have caused more than half million deaths in the American continent.
Smoking is the most frequent cause of deaths than they can be avoided. According to thelast information, hundreds of thousands of people die annually of premature form due to the tobacco. Recent studies indicate that the exhibition to the smoke of smoked cigarettes on the other people and other products of the tobacco, produce to the year the death of thousands of people who do not smoke in spite of these statistics and to numerous warnings on the dangers to smoke, million adultsand adolescents continue smoking.

Components of the Smoke of the Tobacco
The smoke of the tobacco is made up of main a primary current or, that are the one that inhales the smoker directly, and a second class current, generated by means of the spontaneous combustion of the cigarette. They have been identified more than 4.000 injurious substances in the smoke of the cigarette, of which atleast 60 can bring about cancer, other toxic substances are carbon monoxide, irritating oxidant and, tars and nicotine.

The tobacco must be able mainly addictive due to its component assets, the nicotine that are a liquid alkaloid, oily, colorless and toxic, content in the tobacco, that happens of yellow to brown in contact with the air, gives off very pungent steam and water or alcohol dissolveseasily in, that acts on the central nervous system. The nicotine generates addiction, but it has antidepressing effects and of symptomatic lightening of the anxiety.

Diseases Associated to the consumption of the Tobacco
* Respiratory diseases
* Different types from cancer: of lung, larynx, oro-pharynx, esophagus, stomach, páncreas, liver, colon, rectum, kidney, bladder, suck, genital,lymphatic apparatus.
* Precocious aging and appearance of face wrinkles.
* Dental diseases and periodontal. Lack of breathing during the dream.
* Diseases brain you will tilt and coronary diseases

Lung of fumadores
To smoke a single cigarette gives rise to an elevation of the heart rate, the respiratory frequency and the arterial tension. The smoke produces an irritatingreaction in the respiratory tract. The snot production and the difficulty to eliminate it are the cause of the cough. Due to the continuous inflammation chronic bronchitis takes place.
Healthy lung of a person who does not smoke

The tobacco consumption contaminates our organism?
The tobacco is a plant that for a long time has been used by the man like medicine,but at the moment use through the elaboration and consumption of cigarettes has occurred him to an evil, being the young people of smaller age those that every day begin in this injurious habit that increases health problems such as circulatory problems, risks of accidents and cancer of lung.

With this project we try to bring back to consciousness mainly to the youngpeople to our companions who the tobacco consumption by means of cigarettes has become a serious problem of health in our society.
In order to obtain this invention we try to elaborate a machine smoker who allow us to find some components of the cigarette, and at same it helps us to understand as human beings has contaminated our bodies until aggravating totally our health.
1. Todemonstrate that the consumption of the cigarette contaminates our organism with the nicotine and tar.
2. To include/understand that when consuming cigarettes we aggravated our health.
3. To illustrate through the elaboration of a machine smoker as the cigarette aggravates the lungs of the smokers.
Tobacco consumption contaminates our body because it contains toxic and carcinogenic...
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