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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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Villavicencio Aqueduct Company is the one with more complaints from users

Photo: Guillermo Herrera / Llano 7 days
The EAAV lowered the number of complaints and improved site for customers, but maintains a high level of dissatisfaction.
The Personality of Villavicencio said that while complaints against utilities dropped, still needed to work on timely care users.
Second String, a userof Meta Power Authority (EMSA), does not understand why the company charges you more than a million dollars for energy bill that supposedly stopped when "they who have placed and removed the meter."
"The counter never been adulterated or manipulated, but at any moment I charged an amount of silver consumed and energy that supposedly did not pay," says the client in the neighborhood El Triunfo.Although this case is under review in the Personality of Villavicencio, this is one of the most common complaints users have against utilities in the capital of Meta.
A review of the activities of the last year of Personality, through the delegate for Public Service, Alexander Peñalosa, determined that the billing errors and lack of timely responses to customer complaints are part of the mostrepeated complaints are handled by that agency of the Public Prosecutor.
"For the user's pocket is hard because these errors do not drop a million dollars," said Peñalosa.
According to the official, in 2009 it processed 427 complaints against public utilities, which shows a decrease in complaints compared to 2008, when the same agency received 687 complaints in total.
Those who continue tolead the demands of the users are the two highest numbers of customers: the Water and Sewerage Company of Villavicencio (EAAV) and EMSA, which, however, have lowered the number of dissatisfied customers.
"The complaints against EAAV are due to failures in service. In the case of Telefonica, which had a substantial reduction in complaints is because they do not give a timely response to userprocedures. For it is bio-agricultural the average litter to settle Llanogás services and the high cost in the five-year review of networks, "said Public Service personero.
Another fault is that companies have not updated the database with the strata of their customers and end up charging customers more value from lower class. In this sense have been developed in the last year 15 complaints."Overall what we have seen is that improved care of business against claims, but continue to present major failures in providing the service," said Peñalosa.
"The cuts are long overdue for '
The manager of the EAAV, Marilu Pulido, told Llano ELTIEMPO.COM seven days and that complaints have been reduced because there is a good sales team and eight staff are dedicated exclusively to deal with claimsover the counter.
"In Villavicencio had no culture of payment and now, when we make the cut on the first bill in arrears, has generated much complaint on users, but they must understand that it is for the good of the company's finances and seeking a better service, "said the official.
He said there was an ongoing review of billing and the way consumption is measured. Regarding permanent watercuts, one of the biggest complaints of users said: "The water cuts are the ones who make the defaulters. We've had cuts, but have been of hours, not days or weeks as before. When called to the station to complain, we have asked to take the direction of those who call to complain, and we realize that we have closed registration. The water cuts have been justified and reported to the Superintendencyof Services. "
Utility Complaints

Company 2008 2009
EAAV 240 202
EMSA 172 110
phone 206 80
Bioagricul-tural 21 15
llanogas 21 15
Etelle may 27 5

Internet pornography is gaining ground in the department of Meta

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According to the google search engine, Internet users in the target are the most consulted pornographic material.

In the...
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