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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2011
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The general theme is the evolution of Colombia since his discovery, passing for the process to get the independence, the technology, the religion and finally, the evolution of the way of thinking,especially in the artists with them paints.

Here, we can find the first room in this big museum. The name’s exhibition since this room is “Vuelta a Colombia, plastics arts” and here show theprogress of the Colombian artists in the history. We can see the magnificent paints.
At the next photography will begin the second room. It is “since the anthropological”, that shows aspects of the body,behavior and customs of a society, for example, the indigenous African descent.

In the next room, we find “since the mystical” that want to explain the religion in that moment at the Colombia. Up,in the photography we can look a good example for this religion, which was Catholicism. The photography of the left, we see the other paints in this room.
In the photography of the right, began theroom “since the objectual”. This room explains the relation between the artist and his contour. Here, have small to very big things, as was the contour around of the artist.
In the fourth room, “sincethe political”, that shows the situation with the politicians in that moment, for example, in the photography of down to the left, at the corner we can look a dead person and divided in pieces, he isGalán, after of his death, when it will become in a problem at the country. Down to the right, have paints of the Colombia and his history. The exhibition “Vuelta a Colombia” ends with this room.In this exhibition we find the history of the customs in Colombia. In this photography, we can look the old TVs. Now, in the room, explains the process to the TV, the recordings; also, we can findthe music and the clothes for this. In the photography of the right, shows chamber recording, down to the left, we find the dance’s clothes and down to the right, we find an accordion and a console....
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