Prueba 5° año inglés

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  • Publicado : 17 de agosto de 2012
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Girl: Hello, Raúl.
Boy: Hi, Susana. How are you?
Girl: Fine and you?
Boy: I’m OK.
Girl: Your notebooksare very nice.
Boy: You think so? They are all green. Green is my favourite colour.
Girl: Really? My favourite colour is orange. All my school materials are orange. Look, I have anorange pencil case, three orange notebooks and two orange erasers.
Boy: I see you like that colour. Look, the new English teacher.
Teacher: Stand up, please. Good morning.Class: Good morning, Mr…
Teacher: My name is Federico Pérez. You can call me Mr. Pérez.
Teacher: Sit down, please, and take out your English book.

a) Read and tick thecorrect answer: /4

Read and match the information: /4


b) Read again and write the numbers: /3

[pic]c) Complete with IS or ARE: /4

1) There ________________________________ seven books on the table.

2) There________________________________ a red pen on the pencil case.3) There ________________________________nine pink erasers.

4) There________________________________ a new classmate this year.

d) Put the words in order to make asentence: /6

1) There / chairs / three / green / are __________________________________

2) a / is / ruler / yellow / there __________________________________3) black / There / a / clock / is __________________________________

a) Match the imperatives with the correct picture. /5
[pic]a) Match the instructions: /4


a) The text is...
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