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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2012
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In my opinion the development of vocabulary today is understood by knowing more about the words that we handle every day. A person, who drives a larger vocabulary, has more opportunities to cope inany situation, whether common or not.
Some adults, like me, tend to find the meaning of any unfamiliar word in the dictionary or in the internet in order to "enlarge" our lexicon. In the case ofchildren, tend to ask the meaning of a particular word or how to say and pronounce it in the second language and expand their vocabulary (the role of words as units begins with the early use of nouns toname objects acquiring the first language). In the preschool and school, when learning to read, the word is a key unit in the building of skills and knowledge.
Sometimes occurs, that children use (ortry to use) the same words as adults, but do not handle the same meaning as these, therefore, not very correct use of words.
Learning vocabulary is critical to life, gives us tools to communicate andexpress ourselves better. This is given to learn a first language or second. That is, knowing a large number of words to learn a second language will favor me because I can communicate more easily andwith any person, in various situations.
As a future teacher, I think it's important to teach my students vocabulary. It is important to learn what kind of word is that they are using (noun, verb,etc.), in which situation can use it (the right context), know the meaning of the word, uses, etc. It is also important that people in general, known in what context to use the words. We must be awareof when and where to use certain words, here plays a fundamental role in the socio-cultural level that I am unfolding.
The key for young learners to learn vocabulary and can handle correctly, is usingand implementing steadily MEMORY. You have to make it work, look for techniques to develop, taking into account that the memory of children is "short term" or lower retention time than an adult. We...
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