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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2010
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esto no tiene validez.. solo es una prueba
Pollution is nothing but alteration in composition of the atmosphere, all those materials strange and some are not strangers, by excessiveemissions begin to be detected or increase their concentration causing environmental damage and such, are considered as contaminants. Pollution is a big problem that is affecting the whole environmentaround us covering water pollution problems, air and soils.
Contamination Worldwide
As a dynamic planet that is Earth is exposed to the action-usually gradual and imperceptible, factors thatmodify their physical characteristics. The soil erosion is a result of these processes and only the passage of time reveals the havoc it causes. The waters, winds, rainfall, frost, the same terrestrialgravity are the natural agents that cause erosion. The man, however, contributes to damage, perhaps worse because of his thoughtless actions.According to a recent report, 9 million inhabitants of theworld's soils are so damaged that they have lost most of its biological function and probably never regain their productivity. Although the problem is not unique to any country or group of countries,nearly 65% of severely eroded lands are in Africa and Asia. Soils are affected, for example, when overpopulation forces to occupy the area formerly occupied by the topsoil, where the waves erode thecoast having no natural barriers (such as mangroves, coral reefs, etc.) when the land is subjected to a grueling pace of crops lose their firmness and end suffering wear.

Contaminate waterpollution is life itself. Throughout the life cycle, reproduction and food of man, animals and the sea is profoundly affected. Certain microorganisms are killed by the huge and phosphates and chemicalsdumped into the seas and rivers. This creates layers of algae, in turn, annihilate the aquatic vegetation and the disappearance of it, breaks into the marine.
At present, all the world's oceans are...