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  • Publicado : 22 de junio de 2010
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Knowledge management drives innovationVinita Gupta finds out how a company can foster a supportive culture, and strengthen the link between knowledge management, innovation and organisational growth.Knowledge Management (KM) comprises a range of practices imbibed within an organisation which identify, create, archive and distribute knowledge for awareness and learning. These practices orprogrammes while aligned with the organisational objectives are intended to lead to the achievement of specific outcomes, such as shared intelligence, improved performance, competitive advantage, and higher levels of innovation. Pankaj Shankar, Head-HR and RMG Group, Infogain believes that in this highly competitive environment, organisations must innovate their products, services and practices, in orderto survive and prosper. KM helps drive and support innovation within organisations, through a wide variety of approaches and techniques. Various knowledge management tools and other techniques could be used to tap new ideas and approaches.He adds, “KM helps us in conserving our existing capabilities and provides much needed time and man-hours which further promotes innovation.” "KM helps us inconserving our existing capabilities and provides much needed time and man-hours which further promotes innovation"- Pankaj Shankar
Head-HR and RMG Group
Infogain |
At Xansa, the KM practice is divided into development and support divisions. In both the sectors, innovation is the primary objective. In these sectors KM acts as a repository of key practice and technological knowledge. Thisrepository serves as a foundation to the requirements of other projects. Teams can value-add on the existing knowledge instead of having to spend time and energies in already existent solutions. The instances of errors and bugs reduce considerably as KM acts as an archive of successful past projects, and this helps teams to innovate while creating solutions for the clients. Supports organisational growth"We understand the importance of sharing our work-related experiences and conduct meetings among team members before starting a shift"- Devashish Ghosh
Executive Vice-president
Global Operations, Aptara |
Knowledge management refers to all systematic activities for creation and sharing of knowledge so that knowledge can be used for the success of the organisation. KM processes provide aframework for connecting people-to-people and people-to-information, to develop and share distilled learning and best practices. Devashish Ghosh, Executive Vice-president, Global Operations, Aptara (formerly Techbooks), points out that linking people to information/knowledge repositories/best practices through Intranets, with efficient search engines, provides an effective way to connect people toknowledge repositories with the capability for easy retrieval of needed information. He adds, “We understand the importance of sharing our work-related experiences with others. For this each SBU conducts stand-up quality meetings before the commencement of the shifts, wherein the team members discuss the issues.” The organisation has instituted team awards to recognise and reward excellent collaborativeteam effort, which has strongly contributed to business results. "The sales team, with the help of KM, is enabled to create successful and customised propositions for
prospective stakeholders"- Piyush Rakhecha
Noida Centre Leader
Xansa |
Knowledge management helps Infogain tap the existing and new approaches and ideas. The organisation promotes the achieving and constant updating of all theknowledge artefacts in all the spheres. The KM portal of the organisation has been received by all. The portal helps the top management take stock of our existing capabilities and devising strategies in line with our capabilities. At Xansa, the KM practice, business strategy and objectives are all interlinked. Piyush Rakhecha, Noida Centre Leader, Xansa feels that the sales team with the help of...
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