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referee rePort confidential

MGSM PoStGraduate and MBa ProGraMS

ApplicAnt DetAils Family Name or Surname Given Names Telephone ( Email )

note to RefeRee The applicant mentioned has appliedfor admission to a program at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) and has nominated you as a referee. The purpose of this MGSM program is to provide an opportunity for students to developknowledge, abilities, attitudes and understanding which will constitute a foundation for their growth into competent and responsible managers. It would assist the School if you would provide yourassessment of the applicant.

RefeRee DetAils Name of Referee Position Organisation Address

This report asks for information that the School finds useful in assessing the Telephone ( Email ) applicant’sability to successfully complete the program. The form is provided for your convenience and allows for the relevant information to be supplied in the necessary How long have you known the applicant?structure. Any information you provide will be considered strictly confidential. We are aware that we are asking for considerable time and effort on your part in completing this form. However, farmore applications are received than there are What is your work connection with the applicant? places available and it is necessary to select carefully those applicants to be admitted. Your assistance ingiving this appraisal is very helpful to us and greatly appreciated.

For what type of management position would you see the applicant being suited in the long run (for example, would you see theapplicant’s future as a line manager, chief executive officer, adviser or specialist)?

pleAse RetuRn youR RepoRt befoRe the ApplicAtion closing DAte to: The Applications Officer Student ServicesCentre MGSM Macquarie University NSW 2109 or email to:

VeRy pooR

Please rate the applicant on the following characteristics (tick (✔) appropriate box). Use what you...
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