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Using the Auto Configuration Button
Press the Range Expander’s Auto configuration button and hold it down for five seconds. Then release the button. The LEDs on the Range Expander will flashfor up to one minute while it is being auto-configured. When both of the LEDs are solidly lit blue, the Range Expander is properly configured and ready for use.

A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.Before you begin installation of the Range Expander, make sure your wireless network is operational. If your existing wireless network has security disabled, follow the instructions in “Step 1:Connecting the Range Expander” and “Step 2: Using the Auto Configuration Button.” If your existing wireless network has security enabled, follow the instructions in “Step 1: Connecting the Range Expander”and “Step 3: Using the Setup Wizard.”



Connecting the Range Expander
If you want to use the Auto Configuration button, place the Range Expander next to your wireless router or accesspoint. Then proceed to step B. If you want to connect the Range Expander to a wired network for setup, flip up the lid covering the Ethernet network port on the Range Expander’s front panel. Connectthe Ethernet network cable to the Range Expander and your router. Proceed to step B.


To move the Range Expander, unplug it from the power outlet. Place the Range Expander in an optimumlocation. The best placement is usually at the edge of your wireless network. Fix the direction of the antenna. Normally, the higher you place the Range Expander’s antenna, the better the performance willbe. Proper positioning of the antenna can enhance its receiving sensitivity. Connect the power plate to a power outlet, preferably a surge protector.

Package Contents
• • • • • One Wireless-GRange Expander One AC Power Adapter One Setup Wizard CD with User Guide One Quick Installation One Registration Card


IMPORTANT:If you install the



2.4 GHz Wireless-G
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