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  • Publicado : 26 de julio de 2010
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HP Superdome 2: The ultimate mission-critical consolidation platform
Define the next decade of mission‑critical computing
Data sheet

Data center sprawl is taking business processes to the breaking point. It’s the result of the way IT infrastructures have been built for 40 years: Enterprises have purchased and deployed systems to support specific applications and workloads, those systems havebeen connected together in a piecemeal manner, and it has taken different teams, tools, and processes to manage them. These inflexible, monolithic, hard‑wired, under‑utilized systems, and complex processes require excessive manpower to operate and do not scale well. This has increased complexity, which in turn inhibits flexibility, innovation, and uptime. Tomorrow’s IT will be built on aConverged Infrastructure, which tackles these problems—as well as consolidation, modernization, shared services, and business continuity initiatives—by simplifying, consolidating, and automating everything from the start. A Converged Infrastructure consists of: • A common, modular infrastructure based on a blade design, which is a smarter way to support all of your vital applications • A common networkfabric, providing a simple, flexible way to connect systems to any network on‑the‑fly • Comprehensive cross‑domain control, automating operations to increase productivity and enhance utilization • Comprehensive power and cooling management, to control energy usage and increase efficiency in real time under any workload

Introducing the HP mission‑critical Converged Infrastructure
HP has combinedinnovation, partnerships, and expertise to deliver the industry’s first mission‑critical Converged Infrastructure: new HP Integrity systems, leveraging the industry’s #1 blade platform1 and running HP‑UX 11i v3. A unified blade architecture, from x86 to HP Superdome, simplifies environments by consolidating and delivering mission‑critical applications on a highly resilient, modular bladedplatform. Moreover, the architecture embodies FlexFabric, a virtual fabric that can address any workload through rapid scale up, scale out, and scale within. It delivers always‑on resiliency with 100+ innovations to enable global business continuity, and managed by matrix operating environment to instantly adjust to dynamic business needs.

HP Superdome 2: Superdome resiliency meets BladeSystemefficiency
HP Superdome 2 pioneers a new category of modular, mission‑critical systems that scale up, out, and within to consolidate all tiers of critical applications on a common platform. Engineered with trusted Superdome reliability, Superdome 2 includes a modular, bladed design, common components, and standard racks. This also includes a common server management framework, supported now from x86 toSuperdome. This new Superdome server extends the resiliency of the multiple generations of HP high‑end servers with 100+ new mission‑critical innovations. With breakthrough innovations such as the Superdome 2 Crossbar Fabric and Power‑on‑once technology coupled with rich virtualization capabilities, Superdome 2 sets the standard for the next decade of mission‑critical computing.

Source: Q4/09IDC Quarterly Server Tracker, February 2010

Key features and benefits
Modular systems that are leaner and greener

HP Superdome 2 offers enhanced features to increase scalability, improve memory, and provide better compute power without compromising performance. Green efficiencies from HP blades are now engineered into Superdome 2. It can scale from 2 to 32 sockets with 4x improvement inperformance in half the size. HP Superdome 2 offers: • Support for 8 and 16 socket Superdome 2 servers in the first release. • Up to sixteen Intel® Itanium® Processor 9300 series, providing 64 cores of compute power. • 256 DIMM slots with up to 2 TB of DDR3 memory with double‑chip spare, providing a large memory footprint for the most demanding applications. • 32 built in 10 GbE ports. • Full...
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