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Instrucciones: Cada uno de los siguientes ejercicios ofrece cinco alternativas, designadas con las letras A, B, C, D y E. Sólo una alternativa es correcta. Marque el espacio de la letra correspondiente en la hoja de respuestas.

I _ _ _ _ _ already _ _ _ _ _ lesson five.

(A) have . . . studied
(B) has . . . studying
(C) am . . . studied
(D) hasn´t . . . studied
(E)are . . . studying

La respuesta correcta es la opción (A), have . . . studied. Por lo tanto, debe marcar:

1. Dr. Schaffner lived in Mexico as a child. He _ _ _ _ _ Spanish fluently.

A) speak
B) is speak
C) speaking
D) speaks
E) spoken

1. Tim and Don _ _ _ _ _ up late all this week in order to study for a difficult exam.

A) are stayedA) is staying
B) doesn't stay
C) could stayed
D) are staying

2. I hope that you are feeling _ _ _ _ _ today.

A) gooder
B) weller
C) better
D) more good
E) more well

3. The house is not empty. There's somebody _ _ _ _ _ the window.

A) at
B) on
C) in
D) down
E) under

1. After Jim and I left the party, the drivertook _ _ _ _ _ home.

A) we
B) he and I
C) they
D) our
E) us

2. The complete report _ _ _ _ _ by the principal's secretary.

A) was typing
B) was typed
C) were typed
D) typed
E) typing

2. Mr. Allan's secretary called you about an hour ago and I told her that you would be _ _ _ _ _ for a couple of hours.

A) out
E) backF) over
G) up
H) away

3. If Miss Alaska _ _ _ _ _ taller, she would have a better chance to become Miss U.S.A.

A) is
B) were
C) be
D) would be
E) will be

3. Pavlov's dogs were trained to receive food after a bell ring. They became so conditioned that they would salivate _ _ _ _ _ food followed the bell.

A) whether or not
B) inspite of
C) however
D) either
E) although

1. Heavy jackets _ _ _ _ _ in this cold weather, instead of those light sweaters they gave us.

A) should wear
I) can wear
J) should be worn
K) are wearing
L) we should wear

Instrucciones: A continuación se presentan tres pasajes seguidos por declaraciones basadas en su contenido. Después de leerlos,seleccione la mejor opción, basándose en lo que los pasajes afirman o implican. Luego marque el espacio de la letra correspondiente en la hoja de respuestas.
(Los pasajes para esta prueba han sido tomados de material impreso que presenta contenidos propios para el análisis o la evaluación. Las ideas que se incluyen en cada pasaje son responsabilidad exclusiva de su autor).

A common plant(Cannabis sativa), its chief psychoactive ingrediant is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The amount of THC in the marijuana cigarette (joint) primarily determines its psychoactive potencial.

Most users experience an increase in heart rate, reddening of the eyes, and dryness in the mouth and throat. Studies indicate the drug temporarily impairs short-term memory, alters sense oftime, and reduces the ability to perform tasks requiring concentration, swift reactions, and coordination. Many feel that their hearing, vision, and skin sensitivity are enhanced by the drug, but these reports have not been objectively confirmed by research. Feelings of euphoria, relaxation, altered sense of body image, and bouts of exaggerated laughter are also commonly reported.

Scientistsbelieve marijuana can be particularly harmful to lungs because users typically inhale the
filtered smoke deeply and hold it in their lungs for prolonged periods of time. Marijuana smoke has been found to have more cancer-causing agents than are found in cigarette smoke. Because marijuana use increases heart rate as much as 50% and brings on chest pains in people who have a poor blood supply to...
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