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1. You're coming to the party, ___?
a. aren't you
b. isn't you
c. shouldn't you
2. It wasn't very difficult, ___?
a.wasn't it
b. isn't it
c. was it
3. Tom is getting something for Sue, ___?
a. wasn't he
b. isn't he
c. was he
4. It won't be anything expensive, ___?
a. won'tit
b. isn't it
c. will it
5. There's some milk in the refrigerator, ___?
a. isn't there
b. isn't it
c. wasn't it
6. We don't need to go to the store today,___?
a. don't we
b. do I
c. do we
7. Susan can bring some food, ___?
a. won't she
b. will she
c. can't she
8. The party starts at eight o'clock, ___?
a. isn'tit
b. doesn't it
c. does it
9. The movie was very long, ___?
a. isn't it
b. wasn't it
c. was it
10. There's a dictionary on the shelf, ___?
a. isn't it
b.isn't there
c. aren't there
11. There's a lot of noise outside, ___?
a. aren't there
b. isn't there
c. is there
12. Mrs. Smith is sick, ___?
a. isn't she
b. isshe
c. wasn't she
13. The dishes are dirty, ___?
a. weren't they
b. isn't they
c. aren't they
14. Steven won't be at the party, ___?
a. won't he
b. isn't hec. will he
15. The math test was very difficult, ___?
a. wasn't it
b. isn't it
c. weren't they
16. We can go tomorrow, ___?
a. won't we
b. can we
c. can't we17. I'm early, ___?
a. isn't I
b. aren't I
c. are I
18. This shirt is too big for me, ___?
a. isn't it
b. doesn't it
c. does it
19. Emily plays the pianowell, ___?
a. isn't it
b. does she
c. doesn't she
20. Your neighbors went on vacation, ___?
a. isn't they
b. didn't they
c. aren't they
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