Ps9 protocol

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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This document describes Altamira OnNet Cross-platform Interface with front-end applications (Branch Terminals, Call Center, Internet Banking…).

This protocol addresses the following objectives:

Be application independent It will have the same elements for every Altamira Application
Be wire protocol independent This protocol is a specialized messaging service for Altamira that will allowthe use of Altamira as a NetCentric application being able to use all set of services networks provide. It will, therefore, not have any binary data.
Tightly coupled with Altamira Allows minimizing Altamira OnNet Architecture protocol formatting instructions.

Having a self-explanatory (protocol information that does not need additional information on message layouts to be interpreted) versionis not addressed by this protocol. Anyway it will be straightforward to create a XML version.


Input Header
Input Message
Maximum SIZE : 65 + ?

Every incoming message will have the following fixed length fields:
Field Bytes Meaning Possible Values
TTTT 4 Tag Indicating beginning of Input Header ‘’.
PP 2Protocol Identification ‘26’ – PS9 (this protocol)
TTTTTTTT 8 Logical Terminal Any Alphanumeric set of characters
TTTTTTTT 8 Accounting Terminal Any Alphanumeric set of characters
UUUUUUUU 8 User Any Alphanumeric set of characters
NNNNNNNN 8 Sequence Number Any Alphanumeric set of characters
CCCCCCCC 8 Transaction Code Any Alphanumeric set of characters
EE 2 Option (function key) chosen byapplication user. Intro ‘00’
F1 ‘01’
F2 ‘02’ ...
F12 ‘12’
Shift F1 ‘13’
Shift F2 ‘14’ ...
Shift F12 ‘24’
LLLLL 5 Total Input message length. Header Length plus input data length. (Header + Content). Any numeric set of characters. Number value bigger than input header length and less than maximum input message length.
S 1 Commit Indicator. Altamira will handle resources commit ornot. ‘1’  Altamira manages commit
‘0’  Altamira does not manage commit
B 1 Message Type 1- New Request
2- Authorization
3- Conversation Continuation with Scroll Info.
5- Conversation Continuation
6- Authorization in a conversation
P 1 Process type ‘O’  on line
‘F’  off – line
CC 2 Channel (Branches, Home Banking…) ‘01’  Internet
‘02’  Call Center
‘03’  Financial Terminal
P 1Pre-formatting Indicator. ‘Y’- Architecture must pre-format the data
‘N’- The architecture must not pre-format the data.
This field will only be used with Altamira NBA architecture. It has no meaning at all in Altamira OnNet Cross Platform Architecture (always the value ‘N’).
L 1 Language Any character used to indicate the Front-End language.
TTTTT 5 Tag Indicating end of Input Header ‘’
Totallength: 65 bytes.

Observation: Altamira has no problem to support the symbols “” in the actual used languages. In the future, for new languages this feature must be verified.
Messages sent to Altamira have variable information depending on Altamira transaction / service requested.
Header type 2. There is no message

Header type 6. Message is user, password and sequence number.

Field Bytes Meaning Possible Values
TTTT 4 Tag for beginning of message ‘’
UUUUUUUU 8 Authorization User Name Any Alphanumeric set of characters
PPPPPPPP 8 Authorization User Password Any Alphanumeric set of characters following security product rules
SSSSSSSS 8 Auth. Sequence Number Sequence numberasigned to the Authorization.
TTTTT 5 Tag for end of message ‘’
2.3.3. SCROLL.
Header type 3. The input message has the following structure:

Field Bytes Meaning Possible Values
TTTT 4 Tag for beginning of message ‘’

LLLL 4 Number of lines sent/Modified. Any positive number in alphanumeric format.
LLLL 4 Length of line Any positive number in alphanumeric format. Identifies the line...
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