Pschology terms

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Daisy Flores
PY 102
Professor Strauss

1. Cognitive Dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviours.

2. Cognitive Dissonance is to justify thefeeling for something. [Ex, People 30 years old that do not move out of their parents house because they find it cheaper to stay with their parents.]

3. Four ways to reduce Cognitive Dissonance
Changebeliefs: Beliefs such as religious, family traditions and culture.
Adding to your beliefs or compromising.
Explore the feelings you have towards the subject; maybe your feelings can be justified orexplained.
Decide how important are the beliefs to you.

4. The milgram experiment was an experiment designed to study a persons’ obedience that involved them performing acts given by an authoritythat conflicted with their beliefs.

5. The subjects from the Milgram experiment experienced dissonance by having conflicting thoughts with what was right and wrong to do. They were not surewhether to continue obeying the experimenter or stop hurting the student.

6. Seven ways the subjects in the Milgram experiment may have reduced dissonance
They could have been told that the personbeing shocked was a person that had just committed a crime
The experimenter may had offered a larger pay for participating. (money talks)
The experimenter may had added newer information that explainsthe experiment to convince the subject to avoid dissonance.
Implicating the experimenter.
The subject could have buzzed the student with just the smaller volt instead of increasing the shock volttowards the continuing cuestions.

7. Fundamental Attribution Error is to give an explanation about a situation with explanation about behaviors.

Example: Chris and Andres are at a local gymchallenging each other to see who can do the most body lift ups. Chris wins by 2 lifts up; Andres loses. Andres tells Chris that he only lost because he has been sick and loss some strength.