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1. I’m very well thank you How are you?

2. My name is Paul What is your name?

3. My last name is Perez What is your last name?

4. My full name is Paul Perez Hernandez What is your full name?

5. My dad’s name is Enrique How is your dad’s name?

6. My mom’s name is Clara How is your mom’s name?

7. My uncle’s name is Raul How is your uncle’s name?

8.My aunt’s name is Sofia How is your aunt’s name?

9. My best friend’s surname is Gutierrez How is your best friend’s surname?

10. I live near here Am I living near here?

11. My nephew lives in Unicentro Where does my nephew live?

12. My niece lives with her husband Who is my niece living with?

13. I live with my parents and my brother How old are your cousins?14. I am twenty five years old. How old are you?

15. My grandfather is seventy years old. How old is your grandfather?

16. My cousins are thirty and thirty two years old How old are your cousins?

17. My son lives in New York City Where does live your son?

18. My daughter has got one child How many children have your daughter?

19. My daughter’s name is ElizabethWhat’s your daughter’s name?

20. I live in a flat Where do you live?

21. My flat has six rooms How many rooms have your flat?

22. I am from Mexico Where are you from?

23. My wife is Finnish Where is your wife form?

24. We have two children How many children they have?

25. My children’s name are Alex and Jenny What is your children’s name?

26. Iam Mexican What nationality am I?

27. I speak two languages How many languages can you speak?

28. My wife speaks three languages How many languages speaks your wife?

29. I work and study What do you do this year?

30. My friend Karl can speak three languages Who many languages can speak yourfriend Karl?

31. My friend Karl is from Germany What nationality is your friend Karl?

32. My friend’s wife can speak Spanish and Germany Can speak Spanish and Germany your friend’s wife?

33. I work with a guy from Russia

34. He is Russian Where is hefrom? / what nationality is he?

35. There are four sofas in my living room How many sofas I have in your living room?

36. The kitchen is on the first floor Where is the kitchen?

37. I’m tall and slim, I have got brown eyes and fair hair How is my look?

38. My sister is short and fast; she has got curly hair and blue eyes

39. Our dog’s name is Ricky

What is thename of your dog’s name?

40. My favorite sports is golf

What is your favorite sports?

41. My wife’s favorite sport is tennis

What is the favorite sport of your wife?

42. Colombia is in south America

Where is Colombia? / What is the geographic position of Colombia?

43. My English teacher is American

Where is your teacher Englishfrom?

44. I like to play computer games in my free times

What do you like do in your free times?

45. My favorite actress is Cameron Diaz

Who is your favorite actress?

46. I am a engineer

What is your profession?

47. My father in law is an artist

What does your father in law is an artist?

48. I study at Cooperative UniversityWhere do you study?

49. My friend Leonardo is a Lawyer

What does your friend Leonardo do?

50. I like to go to the park

Where do you like to go?

51. My girlfriend likes to go to the movies

Where do you like to go your girlfriend?

52. My daughter loves to go shopping

What does your daughter loves to do?