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Causes and effect

The train of the freedom
1. Cause: (keyword)
Many free African Americans and others also (tookrisks to help slaves) who were running away.
People who helped runaways could be punished.
2. Cause:
When (she was caught) trying tohelp,
She was hit in the head with a heavy weight and almost died.
3. Cause: (keyword)
Harriet Tubman (became a hero) among slaves and among abolitionists,
Effect:But others hated her.

4. Cause:
She (wore clever disguises),
So no one would recognize her.

5. Cause: (keyword)Sometimes (fugitive slaves had a conductor) with them from the beginning of the journey,
But sometimes they didn´t.
6. Cause:
(She was known) along the underground railroad (like Moses) in the history of Exodus,
She led her people to freedom.
7. Cause:
(Slaves) that were (using the Underground Railroad),
Could find places to feel free.

8. Cause:(keyword)
If runaways don’t not get caught for (slaves catchers),
They might become ill from traveling on foot while tired, cold, wet and hungry.

9. Cause:
When(they are caught),
The slaves might be punished and beaten brutally.
10. Cause:
(People who tried to scape) from slavery in the United States,
Took adangerous chance and they might hunted for slave catchers.

Follow the drinking guard
1. Cause :
The river bank makes a very good road,
The (dead trees show you...
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