Psicologia advertising

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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It used to be that advertisements were just strictly all about the product, and would basically just contain a picture of the product, as well as general facts. What has happened to this style ofadvertising? It

diminished when the more effective methods of advertising was developed! Now our commercials are full of just about anything people would possibly find enjoyable, and people areaffected in a much different way by the commercials than they were before.

Not just commercials, but everything. Advertising photos in magazines, billboards.. Our styles of advertising have changedacross the board. I would say you could give a special thanks to psychologist John Watson for this. Watson was a psychologist who specialized in classical conditioning. In case you're unfamiliar withthe concept of classical conditioning, this is the basic principle upon which all humans learn.

In classical conditioning, an original stimulus is given, or "unconditional stimulus". This elicits aresponse, the "unconditoned response". When the unconditioned stimulus is paired with the conditional stimulus, the unconditioned response is still elicited, but after enough times of this pairing, theresponse can be elicted without the use of the original stimulus. For example: A dog salivates when it eats, smells, or sees food. This is a natural instict. But, when the dog hears the sound of abell and food is presented with this bell on multiple occasions, the dog can become classically conditioned to the bell. After enough times with the food and the bell presented together, the dog willactually respond to the bell without any food, and salivate.

Now, back to advertising. Watson used his knowledge of classical conditioning to keep condition people to feel good when they saw certainproducts. If you present a product, or a company's logo, or anything else that could possibly be purchased with something that elicits a positive response in people enough times, eventually people...
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