Psicologia del color

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This bedroom gives classy with a touch of vintage feeling. Although the sense of direction is mostly horizontal which gives a restful sensation, the curve of the window makes it gracefully andsuggests rhythm.
It has many architectural interests such as the box above the widow that causes a focal point instead of breaking the sense of direction; also the vaulted ceiling creates a large openspace in the center. The moulding helps emphasis the height of the room by dividing it in two.

All the textured carpet, cushions, flowers and fabrics gives the feeling of a vintage room; incontrast with the modern tea table, headboard and lamps that delivers the classy projection.
Natural and artificial light works all together creating warm feeling yet soften air around it. Using redobjects to emphasis the focal point contrasting with the neutral colors of the furniture and walls.

All the objects are arrange in L form offering a well proportion with the space as well as sensation ofopen and well illuminated space. A space where you could stay long time and still be comfortable.

Really formal chinoiserie living room, it is open plan although is a simple square space the frameof the door gives character and texture to the whole space. Here the furniture, colors, texture and light are the main reference.
The two cabinet markers gives pattern and movement to a lineardesign of the room, also gives a link with the door frame that is the focal point of the room.
The semicircular sofa brings an intimate feeling, twirling the formality just for a moment but this iscontained by the lamps that are modern and linear.
The chests, books , tea pot and the collection of antique furniture gives a chioiserie character really delicate and cultural feeling and they are wellproportion to the space.

The negative space is arranged by rule of three which gives rhythm and repetition using as well the pattern a repetition of the floor.
The natural light is poor but it...
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