Psychologists and psychiatrists are frauds

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  • Publicado : 5 de mayo de 2011
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Humanistic and scientific proceedings
Profesor: Sergio Díaz

❖ Matías Altamirano
❖ Bárbara Araya
❖ Victoria Ramos
❖ Camila Galvez
❖ Stephanie Zepeda

Santiago, 05 de Abril de2011
Psychologists and psychiatrists are frauds

psychiatrist are the “professionals” who can prescribe medicines, psychologist can’t do that, so when we enter in the world of psychiatrist at the same time we enter in the world of “non stop taking medicines”, if you are fat or skinny, you are sick so you need to take medicines, if you smoke so much, you are sick, you are un- happy, you arementally ill, so the question is, from where this diseases came from?, for psychologist everyone is mentally ill, so everyone need to take medicines, but this diseases are invented by the psychologist they write about that “new disease” and publicate them with their names and then, there is a new disease and therefore new medicines in the society, obviously new medicines who need to be purchased by thepeople that don’t have anymore the previously disease, you have a new one that has been recently publicated.

When psychologist thinks that you need any medicine they derivate you to an psychiatrist, so they are connected and here we go again with the vicious circle of take medicines.

Dr Gary Null, (Professor of science, Fairleigh dickinson university)
“It is one of the secret to voices ofall america in the field of psychiatry, that all, nothing of what they do is legitimate, and they bill for it”.

Dr. Ron Leifer (Psychiatrist)
“There is not even an indication of credible evidence that any respectable scientist would consider to be valid, that proves that what they call mentally illness would be cerebral product or biochemical. It is completely a fraud.”

" The psychiatristsaffirm that more than billion inhabitants of the planet
are mentally sick "

in the last thirty years they have prescribed five hundred and fort three psychiatrist recipes, and nowadays they drug seventeen millions of students with stimulants and depressives, besides, on having asked them on the scientific base of their diagnoses, they did not have response
And they were answering we do nothave idea like the mental illness is generated.

In the last four decades died in psychiatric hospitals of the government almost the double of americans that in all the Wars of EE.UU since 1776.
1. of psychiatric deaths), Obtaining 2 trillions of dollars a year, and 0 cured patients.


.- Psychiatrist are using electroshock, drugs and other barbarians torturing dissidentpoliticians

.- 17 million children Worlwide are consuming psychiatric drugs that can cause suicide, hostility, violence, obsession, and dependency.

.- More than 100.000 patients die each year in psychiatric institutions,
Annualy psychiatrist kill up to 10.000 people using electroshock – 460 volts electricity that are set through the brain. Three quarters of victims of electroshock are women.-psychiatrist and psychologist have raped 250.000 women, Studies show that between 10 and 25 percent of psychiatrist sexually abuse their patients each 20 of his victims, one is probably women.

In view of the present information, let's sense beforehand like proposed this problem and possible suppression of this one horrible industry of the death the following postulates

The self knowledge toevade the industry of the death across the meditation and to keep a mind in peace

“The Human Being Looks for the calmness and interior peace "

Really do we know ourselves?, what is what really makes us happy?
Of all your needs, how many are necessary?
Do you know the reason of your suffering?

Often we feel unincluded, sad, with a sorrow that drowns us, they give us desire of crying,...