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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2009
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Nicole Olive
Mon 9:05 am
Topic # 1
The relationship between and infant and his mother relies heavily on the fact that infants are incapable of helping themselves. The mother mustsupply the infant with the necessary aliment so that it may survive. The interactions between the two during feeding and other moments of contact help to establish the relationship. The infant ishelpless and looks to its nurturer for support, when it receives the attention and comfort it needs, it begins to association these actions with its mother. It is a combination of love and fulfillingbiological needs that constitute this type of bond.
Affection is not a response derived solely in the association with the reduction of hunger or thirst. As seen in Harlow’s experiments, the monkeys thatobtained their nourishment from the wire mother did not spend more time that necessary for feeding on the mother ( Harlow 167). An infant’s attachment to its mother also requires physical contact andimmediate comfort in times of distress. When reared with a cloth-covered surrogate mother, the infant monkeys showed no signs of withdrawal, in fact the surrogate mother proved a very satisfactorymother (Harlow 168). An infant does not simply love its mother for the milk she provides. It also requires affectionate handling and contact.
An infant’s love, however, is innate. They do learn whomtheir mother is, however, they do not learn how to love, that is something with which they are already familiar. They express their love not only for their mothers, but also for others around them aswell. It is in their nature to love and to be loved. Infants simply feel loved when they receive the support and comfort of their mothers forming a strong bond between the two.
Being able to fulfill theinfant’s needs is the most important part of the relationship between the mother and child. They mother provides the child with life by giving birth to him, however, she must continue to care for...
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