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Learning activity 1.1. |
Guidelines | * Which one of B:F:Skinner´s argument has been soundly refuted? * By means of a concept map, summarize the main limitations of audiolinguism. |Didactic orientations | Here, you will find some important hints in the development of the study guide. You are not supposed to copy textually from the book, because learning requires the learner toacquire abilities such as analysis, synthesis, generalization, inference, etc. To provide with your answers you will have to summarize and write them by using your own words. |
After to read theinformation that give us B.F. Skinner I consider that the arguments that has been refuted was:
The theory in which the behaviourism came to explain learning as terms of operant conditioning .
Anindividual responds to a stimulus by behaving in a particular way.
If the behaviour is reinforced a subsequent occasion will be increased or decreased.

* By means of a concept map, summarizethe main limitations of audiolinguism.

Concern about cognitive process
Audiolingual drills can be carried is out for the languages conveys.
There´s no room for the actual process of interactionand negotiation meaning
Emphasis on correct responses, does not allow for learning from mistakes.
Limitations of

Learners` role is a fairly passive one

Learningactivity 1.2. |
Guidelines | * What important issue has behaviourism neglected for having been only concerned with observable behaviour? * Explain the key steps of information processingcognitive psychologists are mainly concerned with. . |

Answer to the first question: The importance of a fundamental element in the learning process, the sense that learnersthemselves seek to make of their worlds, and the cognitive or mental process that they bring to the task of learning.

Steps of information processing cognitive psychologist are mainly...
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