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Negative Feedback is an essential feature of all regulatory systems
Which of the following drives is NOT based on individual survival? SEX
While she is studying for her psychology test, Santala becomes hungry. She goes into the kitchen, makes a sandwich and eats it. She then goes back to her studying. Santala’s behavior of eating the sandwich is an example of a regulatory behavior.Ann drank 2 glasses of milk and Carol drank 2 glasses of water. Most likely, Carol will eat more food than Ann.
Eating is controlled primarily by both internal and external variables.
The part of the brain that is primarily responsible for monitoring food intake is the hypothalamus
Early studies attributed homosexuality to poor home environments.
Research suggests that homosexuality is a deepseated tendency that is, it appears related to early biological factors.
An unpleasant internal state caused by a homeostatic imbalance that motivates behavior is called a drive.
Motivation involves the study of those variables that influence the nature, strength, persistence of behavior
Glucose detectors appear to be located in the liver
The short term storage reservoir for nutrients islocated in the muscles and liver
Fatty acid detectors appear to be located in a place in the body that has not yet been identified by researchers.
Which of the following statements describe the relation between weight and mortality? Both overweight and underweight persons have greater mortality than normal weight persons
A likely biological cause of male homosexuality is the pattern of exposure ofthe developing brain to sex hormones
Which of the following statements is true? In human studies, homosexuality appears to have a strong genetic component
Which physiological system appears to influence our emotional responses the most? Autonomic
Walking home by yourself last one night you hear something moving in the bushes just ahead of you. Immediately your heart rate begins toincrease as does the flow of blood to your muscles. This reaction is caused by the physiological components of emotions
Which theory of emotion would best explain the following statement: We feel mad because out fists are clenched? James Lange theory
Some subjects in the Schachter and Singer study were told that the drug they were receiving was “suproxin”, when in fact it was adrenaline.According to the James Lange theory of emotion, feelings of emotions are caused by feedback from muscles, the autonomic nervous system, and the endocrine system
If you were traveling in a foreign country, what aspect of behavior should you pay closest attention to in order to assess the emotions of a person of that culture? An individual’s facial expressions
Mark walks into his kitchen one night andnotices that his leftover hamburger from four nights ago is covered with maggots. What emotion is Mark most likely to experience? Disgust
The accuracy of a polygraph test is likely to be increased if questions assess guilty knowledge
In most countries, the results of polygraph examinations are NOT admissible in court because these tests will often identify innocent people as being guilty
Emotionsare defined as a response characterized by physiological arousal, behavioral activation, and cognitive appraisal
The behavioral component of emotions involves muscular movements that are appropriate to the situation
To Schachter, emotion is the combination of both cognitive processes and physiological processes
Based upon research on patients with spinal cord injuries, the higher on the spinalcord that a person experiences damage, the less intense his or her feelings
Emotions appear to serve useful social functions in any culture because they communicate important information to other members of that culture
In most countries, the results of polygraph examinations are not admissible in court because these tests will often identify innocent people as being guilty
Which of the...
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