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In the past, when I was called upon in class to perform as an active member of a team, I was always discouraged because there was always someone who would “free ride” and, for what ever reason, notcomplete their task; leaving myself and other members of the group to complete it for them while they shared in our grade that they did not earn. My feelings at the beginning of this semester were thesame. However, I was pleasently surprised at how well our team came together and how everyone perfomed their assigned duties. At first, because no one knew one another, there was reluctance foreveryone to speak up out of shyness. Kim recognized the need for leadership and immidiately stepped into the role. We brainstormed for ideas and it was Kim who ultimately decided our topic due to anexperience she had in the subject. We all decided on team roles as we divided the work based on each of our own competencies. Kim took the task of developing a pitch for our campaign. Joe was incharge of the t-shirts and the fun run. Jessica handled the billboards and wallscape, and I created the website. Throughout the project the communication was handled primarily through emails, though wedid on several occasions communicate directly over the phone. Everyone was responsive to one another which made the entire project easier. Due to the self-motivation of each of my teammates, theeffective use of communication and the complementary skills we each brought to group, we were able to put together an effective team to complete the project.
Kim, as the marketing director of ourgroup, was in charge of the pitch letter which she spent many hours working on to complete. Her time and dedication to the project was not represented adequately by the two pages she provided. Most of hertime was spent doing the research needed to complete her pitch letter. She called several places, including government agencies, and obtained the necessary information we required for the project....
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