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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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Passive voice

Kindergarden and primary was the best season always the good grades in all class were mine. When I started the first yearin high school math was not my favorite subject, I hated her and she to me. The fight lasted four years between this class and I. The fightwas strong until I won. Other subjects were great, Art and History was my favorite. Was supposed to be a quiet girl but enjoyed indisciplineand rebellion whit my friends. Much mischief was done by our group but always we knew how to escape punishment. Certainly was beauty seasonthat taught me to grow as a person, to have patience, to love my friends and to say thanks. After all I knew really was not alone becausemany people love me. 
Then started the college, becoming a dentist was my dream, but different situations and problems prevented me to do.There was another battle but this time I lost. After a tough year I decided study Marketing. It is a race dedicated to the creativity andingenuity, I thought it would succeed in it and now I’m in 4th semester and I like what I do, and I have good friends and teachers. I think allthe time to graduate very soon for that reason enough study. I don’t like neglecting my other priorities because they keep me in the heartand guide me to where I’m supposed to go. With Marketing again found mathematics, sorry but this way has been hurt and the math lost again.
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