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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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RFP for Phone System



ABCD Pvt. Ltd. requires an integrated voice connectivity solution for their Thapathali branch.

This is a request for proposal to provide the equipment and services outlined in Section II - System Requirements. ABCD Pvt. Ltd. of Thapathali will award this contract on a competitive basis.

Instructionsfor Completing the Proposal

The proposal needs to answer all questions listed in Part I - Project Description. Be as brief and accurate as possible. Submit three copies of your proposal.

Proposal Deadline

All proposals must be hand delivered no later than 5:00 PM, Wednesday, MMMM DD YYYY Submit your proposal to ABCD Pvt. Ltd. at the following address:

ABCD Pvt. Ltd.
City, Anchal
Attn.: xxxxxxxxxxx
(999) 999-9999
Mail an e-copy to

Project Evaluation

Each submittal will be evaluated on a competitive basis against other proposals submitted by other interested applicants.

Meetings between the vendor and ABCD Pvt. Ltd. to review the proposals will be scheduled and confirmed by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


The schedule for the Telecommunications System Projects is as follows:

MMMM DD, YYYY Request for Proposal faxed to vendors
MMMM DD, YYYY Proposals Due
MMMM DD, YYYY Project Evaluation Period by ABCD Pvt. Ltd.
MMMM DD, YYYY Meetings with Vendors to Review Proposal
MMMM DD, YYYY ABCD Pvt. Ltd. visits local client provided as reference
MMMM DD, YYYY Contract awardedMMMM DD, YYYY System is installed and operating

1. Project Liaison. Designate a contact person who will serve as the liaison between ABCD Pvt. Ltd. and your organization for all matters pertaining to this proposal. Include the person’s name, title, mailing address, direct telephone line, and fax number.

2. Other Participants and Description ofInvolvement. Identify and describe any additional parties and services to be involved in carrying out this proposal. Include the person’s name, title, mailing address, direct telephone line, and fax number.

3. Project Description. Provide a detailed description of equipment and services following the requirements outline format.

4. Total Cost. Identify the total cost with a breakdown byactivity and equipment. This should be provided in the form of an Excel spreadsheet by outline activity (i.e., 1.1.3 = $ ###.## or 1.1.4 = included).

5. Project Management Plan. Provide a detailed and consolidated description of how your organization plans to manage the installation and maintenance of the service that is being proposed.

6. Project Start Date. Describe steps taken toensure a start-up date which will allow you to complete the project on time. Describe the expected availability of equipment and personnel as of that date to support the proposal.

7. Additional Benefit to ABCD Pvt. Ltd. . Describe what the applicant proposes to perform that will especially benefit the system users and/or make the proposal stand out from other applicants. This may includeoutstanding features of the system, integration, guarantee project timeliness, etc.


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