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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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"A Midsummer Night Dream" is a comedy divided in five acts, and written about 1595 by the famous WIlliam Shakespeare . It reports the escape, for moments dramatic art, for moments comedian, offour lovers rebelled before the social judgments of his epoch who, indifferent to his desires, force them to become engaged to beings who do not love. This comedy is a clear example of fable withsupernatural elements associated with the forests. Fairies and goblins form a courtship that influences the life and the love of the human beings.

In this play, Puck is the deputy of Oberon and ischaracterized for being a goblin joker, more than malevolent, protervo or perverse. His qualities are those of the malice: mischievousness, mistrust and sagacity, on having made and to undo arrangementsbetween the lovers, with which, Shakespeare raises the figure of this character in symbol of the volubility of the love. Mocking elf represented with aspect of faun or of cherub, Puck is a liar and ajoker, buffoon in Oberon's court and capablly of creating the biggest snarls. Oberon entrusts Puck to find a flower which juice was provoking that that one that was smelling her in dreams, to theawakening was falling in love with the first thing that it saw. Puck does not bewitch the one who had to and mounts an authentic mess both in the nearby people of the men and in the court of the fairies.Finally quite it fixes up after the reconciliation of Oberon and Titania, being Puck the manager of making forget the human beings his last hours.
Doing almost everything evil , Puck is rapid,light and ethereal, and his sensitivity and happiness, infinite. It is full of good desires but it does not remain exempt from committing mistakes in his acts, and enjoys laughing at those who suffer hismistakes.
In spite of his jokes, Puck, in the Shakespearean work, takes charge spreading his good luck between the human beings affected by the love and by the chaos, since Midsummer night dream...
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