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For other uses, see Pueblo (disambiguation).
Pueblo is a term used to describe modern (and ancient) communities of NativeAmericans in the Southwestern United States of America. The first Spanish Explorers of the Southwest used this term to describe communities that consisted of apartment-like structures made from stone,adobe mud, and other local material. These structures were usually multi-storied buildings surrounding an open plaza and were occupied by hundreds to thousands of Pueblo People.

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[edit] Etymology and usageThe Castilian word pueblo, evolved from the Latin word populus (people), meaning "town".On the central Spanish meseta the unit of settlement was and is the pueblo; that is to say, the large nucleated village surrounded by its own fields, with no outlying farms, separated from itsneighbours by some considerable distance, sometimes as much as ten miles or so. The demands of agrarian routine and the need for defense, the simple desire for human society in the vast solitude of theplains,dictated that it should be so. Nowadays the pueblo might have a population running into thousands. Doubtless they were smaller in the early middle ages, but we should probably not be far wrong ifwe think of them as having had populations of some hundreds.[1]
Of the federally recognized Native American communities in the Southwest, those designated by the King of Spain as Pueblo at the timetreaties ceded Spanish territory to the United States are now legally recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as Pueblo. Some of the Pueblo also came into the United States by treaty with Mexico,which briefly gained jurisdiction over territory in the Southwest ceded by Spain. There are 21 federally recognized Pueblos[2] that are home to Pueblo people. As listed by their official federal...