Puente del alamillo

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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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The Bridge of The Alamillo

José Javier Monter Murillo
Ingeniørhøjskolen i København

The work consit of:
1. Choise of Project. Gather revelant Technical Information as basis for the project
2. Description of the bridge
a. Location
b. Use
c. Size and Span
d. Aesthetic, Adaption into the landscape
e. Choice of Material
f.Statically system
g. Choice of cross section
h. Supports and Bearings
i. Choice of construction method
j. State of Maintenance

1. Choise of Project. Gather revelant Technical Information as basis for the project

The project I have chosen corresponds to the suspension bridge “El Puente del Alamillo”, located in the city of Spain, called Sevilla. Thetype of Bridge is a Road Bridge, more specifically an Counterweight cable-stayed bridge pylon, in harp design. One of the pioneers of this design is Santiago Calatrava Puente del Alamillo in Seville. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and completed in 1992.
Santiago Calatrava is one of the most famous Spanish architects today, winning numerous awards for his works.
Here is the link to viewa description of the bridge, the interior and structure from youtube:


2. Description of the bridge
a. Location

The brigde of The Alamillo, is located in the city called Sevilla, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, in southern Spain. Is a Road Bridge for the flow route of SE – 30. It is built on one of the largest rivers of theIberian peninsula, street Guadarlquivir Rio, which is navigable.
The exact location according to their geographic coordinates are the following:

* 37°24′48″N 5°59′25″O / 37.41333, -5.99028

* Several images obtained Alamillo Bridge from Google Maps with different perspectives

b. Use

It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and completed in 1992. Was constructed to allow accessto the island of La Cartuja, the site of Expo 92 and now occupies part of their land Isla Mágica theme park in addition to the Monasterio de la Cartuja anniversary, hence the name of the island, and the Parque del Alamillo.

Also the city of Seville raised with the Government of Spain, the need to solve a problem that was being generated in the area, due to the growth of the city and highwayconflicts that arose in the old bridge and its two close lanes could not keep to get the number of vehicles on this road daily.
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The 1992 Seville Universal Exposition held in the capital of Andalusia (Spain) in 1992, and was popularly known as "Expo '92" or "the Expo. "
  Like all post-Expo 1931, was regulated by theInternational Exhibitions Bureau. Lasted six months, began on April 20 and ended on October 12 date coincides with the V Centenary of the Discovery of America, due to this fact his motto was "The Age of Discovery. "
  The official mascot of the Expo 92 was called Curro, a nice bird colored beak and crest.
At the end of the Expo infrastructures have been used to reconvert into a technology parkcalled Cartuja 93 and a theme park called Isla Magica, as well as administrative purposes, university and city facility.

With the implementation of this project by Santiago Calatrava, has had the following objectives:

Save the dock without any intermediate support, integrating the right side in Seville and generate a large water surface without any obstacle, coming up with thesepremises to light of 200 m, which falls within the technical domain of cable-stayed bridges .

The establishment of a connection essentially urban and serves as a milestone in technological development achieved and a sample of the state of the art of building in the country.

Building a bridge is a symbol of the Expo and a new monument worthy of the city of Seville....
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