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  • Publicado : 19 de noviembre de 2011
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By: Juan C. Rivera
There’s a lot of important places in Puerto Rico, with different activities, food and entertainment. Sometimes we prefer to go to another county to have fun.And we forgot that here we can find very good places. In this assay I go to mention a few of those that are my favorites places to visit. The best thing of all is that those places arenot spensives, so we can enjoy with our family for a couple of dollars or maybe for free.

If we are in summer or even in winter we can have a great day in the beaches, for methe best beaches are in south-west area. We can choose Combate or Boqueron. Over there we can find good food, music and great sand and water. Other place that is so important in PuertoRico is El Castillo del Morro in Old San Juan. This place is full of history, over there we can see and enter to the fort, is like a museum. In front of El Morro there’s a valleywere the families can have a picnic or play. Puerto Rico also have the Arecibo Telescope is the world's largest single-dish radio telescope. It's a breathtaking construction thatcovers around 20 acres. If you are looking for something nature I recommend El Yunque, this rainforest was classified in the newest seven wonder in the world. This place has remaineduntouched for millennia. If you want to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the island's interior, this is where you want to be.
Those are few of the many places we can go inPuerto Rico, places where we can have good time and learn more about our history. Puerto Rico is a small island with big history, and great persons. We have to invite others and talkabout our amenities to put our island in the top, but we need to start participating. I’m very proud of my island and no matter the situations, I feel proud of be a puertorican.
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