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Pneumonia , symbol resort, full of tradition.


typical public transport port created by Don Miguel Ramirez Urquijo in 1965, in his workshop building adjacent to the Teatro Angela Peralta, Municipal Arts Center , which is now a plaque explaining that one of its doors came the first pneumonia even that was originally mounted on tricycles to transport own people within the golf courses ,and, over time , became tourist symbol of our port.

History of the Pneumonias .

On December 20, 1965 , first made its appearance in the city carts strange peculiar characteristics , which immediately attracted the attention of people . Over time they know they would be destined to become a new form of public transport, which since its introduction and over the years it has become soingrained their use and popularity, they talk about them is to point out something very representative of the city.

This is a profile of public transport to and overcome many adversities pulse , has become a veritable symbol of Mazatlan , this is the legend of a vehicle that looks and unique features that invite mounted on them, to transport you to different areas of our city.

This interesting storytakes us back to the already distant year of 1962 , when a visionary man who throughout his life was characterized by having an entrepreneurial spirit, began to resume a concern for several years had already turning their thoughts and that was find any type of transport people to come to replace the typical " spider " -those carriages with two huge wooden wheels, pulled by mules or horses , whichfor years were the preferred transport of our fathers.

They were also the years of rapid growth and tourism in the city off , so this situation drove him to seek a means of transport that would be attractive to all tourists who visit .

This character creator and tireless advocate of the popular transport, was Mr. Miguel Ramirez Urquijo , better known as the " Pea ", son of Mr. MiguelRamirez and Ms. Margarita Urquijo. Born in the city of Mazatlan in the already distant November 25, 1919 , his studies of primary, secondary and high school were done at this port and from very young to the impossibility of further study was devoted to various commercial activities . He is married to Mrs. Amparo Gonzalez Ramirez , who has four children of Maria Amparo names , Jorge Luis , RichardAurelio , Carlos Arturo and Miguel Ernesto , the latter also heir to the nickname " Pea " , a nickname that is unique in inherited from father to eldest son.

Pea In his youth he continues to be very enterprising and responsible, with strong attachment to work and started as a very young government employee in charge of collecting that was made in theaters and soon leave this activity to engage in taxcollection urban truck .

Among the different activities which was dedicated on the popular " Pea " , highlighted as it tells all those who were focused on selling something to those who were left and it's so long been a skilled travel agent of a major distributor Spirits , whose owner was Mr. Ernesto Buchard . His natural flair for sales leads him to explore other commercial activities and isso well in distributing milk and eggs for a long time was devoted to the sale of pianos and all kinds of musical instruments.

The continuous search for independence and seeking to build a legacy for his family, leads to successful venture in the field of bakeries. For many years he could not miss the table of the rich families Mazatlan bread " Pea , "which was sold in an outlet that was locatedon Calle Mariano Escobedo, from corner of Cinco de Mayo , a place to which He became known under the trade name of " Bakery Conchi . As requested becomes the bread elaborated the Ramirez family , which soon were forced to open a branch in the direction of the Plaza Zaragoza.

Over time , your concern led him to become a distributor of the famous motorcycle "Triumph" , having the distinction...