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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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Andres Zamora Rivera
Jose Antonio Hidalgo
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Presentation of the Need
Due to the contamination in the water, privatization of major aquifers in the world and the shortage of this vital liquid to humans, the concern arises in people constantly forcing them to buy jugs of water, boil it and/or seek alternative solutions to quench their thirst in thehealthiest or safest way possible. The water is so vital to human existence and its consumption is inevitable, so here`s a radical question, what kind of quality is our drinking water?
Justify the Need
According to many experts in the matter, the next war will not be for oil, but for water, that liquid is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and due to our reckless way of life, we have raise the levelsof pollution, water is gradually shifting from being a drinkable to becoming a drinking poison, not to mention that the ¨drinking¨ water around the planet is disappearing.
The World’s Health Organization, has determined that over 75% of human diseases or illnesses have come or originated by water, either because they lack access to healthy water, or just don’t drink enough of it. The explanationto this conclusion was simple; the human body is composed of over 75% of water or liquid matter making water responsible for 75% or more of ¨good-or-bad¨ health on an individual.
The W.H.O. has linked several health problems to the consumption of polluted water, such as colon cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, stomach cancer, stress, fatigue and many more; they also advice people to drink anaverage of 8 cups of pure water per day. According to studies by Environmental Protection Agency in the city of Charlotte - North Carolina, piped drinking water comes with more than 80 chemicals and impurities such as lead, copper, arsenic (rat poison), microbes, nickel, in addition to a much more tangible chemical by the human taste, chlorine.

Present the Solution

The solution to thiscurrent problem is the distribution of residential water purifiers, Reverse Osmosis Technology, which is used by NASA for its astronauts, when they make their expeditions into space, using this top of the notch NASA TECHNOLOGY water engineers developed several reverse osmosis models for residential use to clean a total of 99.9% of chemicals, organic and non-organic residues in the drinking water.These R.O’s models come with several stages of purification, the 5 and 6 stage are the most popular, they come with 3stages of pre-filter, then move to the semi-permeable membrane (5 stages) and a post filter, some even come with UV-disinfection (6 stages) or a mineralize to enhance the mineral in the water, resulting in a true-healthy-drinking-water.

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The Reverse Osmosis systems have revolutionized the drinking water technology all around the world, not only because they were first discovered and used by NASA but because they provide a worldwide solution to the polluted water. This system is now used by some of the major water distributors in the planet such as AQUAFINA (by Pepsi) and DASANI (byCoca-Cola) as well as many other small water bottle companies. The R.O. systems are well known in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, China, Israel, even some of Latin America countries such as Mexico and Argentina.
In Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, for example, there were over 3 (Puretech water systems, AquaPro, and PurePro) major water companies that dedicated all their timeand effort on just the Reverse Osmosis system sales and distribution, not to mention the main hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, and Target that also provided the public with similar water treatment filters and R.O. systems for the drinking water at home.
The high demand for this products in the United States is due to the findings of deadly pollutants (lead, nickel, arsenic,...
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