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“Push” is a 177 pages book written by Sapphire and published in June 11th, 1996. This novel, led to the big screen in 2009 and became an award-winning film “Precious”, is the story of a resilient, analphabetic teenage Harlem girl who has lived a life of abuse and mistreatment, but who eventually shows a remarkable strength.

In the novel, Claireece Precious Jones, the 16-years-olduneducated girl, expressed through her journal, her life, her thoughts and hopes for the future, which will let us see a very hard life of a child who has been lost in the despair of the inner city and kept in dark and suffered from abuse by her violent parents. “Push” touches on very important issues that dark-skinned girls tend to live every day in poor and racist societies, as well as, depending onhow it is interpreted, could be a lesson of life and hope for young people who are currently going through similar situations.

Particularly, I have different opinions about this book. I found it easy to read beacuse is one of those that beg to be read in one sitting. It is a story that goes in little by little in the life of this young girl, knowing the tough situations she has to face andlets you follow the story by creating a connection to the main character. In general, I think it is a strong but captivating story, and although the story of this character is fiction, in real life there are many girls who are living like her. Personally, I have a preference for this type of books because as I said before, they are real and most fail to touch readers deeply; but even though mostof my opinions about the novel are positive, I think there was a surcharge inside the story for having touched so many strong topics, making it a heavy reading.

“Push” deals with important social issues such as incest/rape, teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, education/literacy and child abuse. With the development of these issues, Sapphire is not intended that readers feel sorry for the girl butrecognize the reality of these themes in day to day and realize the strength that could develop this character out of the darkness and ending a life of abuse. The point of view of the story is developing by Clareece Precious Jones who is the main character who narrates her own story. While the first person narrative gives a play by play of the horrific rape that Precious is enduring, it shows usPrecious´ mind while she is “removing”.

The novel takes place in different environments in Harlem, New York in 1987; these environments are represented according to the story. Precious grew up in a small apartment in a neighborhood of this city, this apartment seemed not to make room for Precious and her parents due to their bulky size and which, due to the lack of dedication to the home byher mother, living conditions remained low. There was no trace of cleaning or order. Moreover, the story is also developed in a typical public high school and in an alternative school called “Each One Teach One” which helps young girls with such problems.
The main character is Clareece Precious Jones who is a 16-years-old African-American girl. She is dark-skinned, obese and illiterate and“thinks she is fat, stupid and invisible”. She was raped several times by her father since she was 7 years old; besides the physical and verbal abuse by her mother who assaulted by unwarranted attacks. Just 16 years old, Precious was already the mother of two children, the first one with Down syndrome and both the product of violations of her father. Despite all the bad circumstances, Precious Jonesis a character who is full of inner strength which allows you to believe in overcoming and motivation to a better life, for herself and her children; besides realizing that through reading and writing can open many doors in the future. Sapphire decided to focus at the end as an admirable character rather than weak.
After having been the victim of sexual and verbal abuse by their...
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