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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2011
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Last week we went to a series of conferences and exhibitions about businesses and we asked some businessmen: What is necessary to start a business?
They allagreed on saying that what you need is an idea.
And when having it, there are some business incubators that could help you to establish it. I had a talk witha man of an incubator and he told me that besides the idea you need money (and about that I found out that the banks can’t help you lending you money for youto start a business, but there are some dependences of the government than do). He also told me that the principal reason why most of the new little businessesfail is not because the idea wasn’t good, they do because bad administration.
We also talked with a business man of a web site called “” whotold us how they started, first in a garage printing t-shirts and keeping all the money they made in order to re-invest it, they had to make an effort to notto spend that money, later a brand of t-shits tested them to see if it could give them a contract. It gave them a thousand of t-shirts and they had to sellthem all, so they did and now that brand is their principal client. The business has been growing and now they are a big company with several places.

So, whatI learned about those conferences and interviews was that you can start a business as long as you have an idea and not been afraid of do it because a possiblefailure. As soon as you do it, you have to watch carefully to the administration of it, save some money in order to re-invest it and make you business grow.
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